Easy Recycling Ideas to Try at Home

Recycling has become one of the most important contributions we can do to help alleviate the growing problem about waste the world suffers from.


At times, when the term recycling is mentioned, some immediately think about major recycling processes that involve big recycling depots using heavy machinery.


But the truth is, while some items require the help of modern recycling equipment to be re-used, there are some types of wastes we commonly come across with day to day which we can easily recycle. You ca still do your part even without sophisticated recycling equipment.


For an instance, if you have old water bottles, you can clean them and put small holes on their caps so you can turn them into instant water sprinklers to help you water your plants. Aside from water sprinklers, you can also use old plastic bottles as replacement for the traditional clay pots and create your own garden.


Old cardboard boxes can be used to store toys or to organize mail or magazines. If you have kids, you can even turn an old cardboard box into a toy wagon, a handcrafted kitchen set, or a doll house.


With just a little help of your artistic side, old spoons and forks can be turned into wind chimes.


Old pieces of clothing can be turned into many different things such as aprons, bags, blankets or quilts, pillowcases, and so forth.


Tissue roll cartons may be used to organize cords, cables, or even Christmas lights or fairy lights so they don’t get tangled. You may also use them to organize items in your office desk such as pens.


Glass jars can be transformed into containers for various cooking spices and condiments. They may also be used to store small items such as paper clips and buttons.