Ways to Recycle and Repurpose Old Kitchen Items

Old Kitchen Items

Recycling and repurposing may be two different things, but both work toward the same end – to reduce the amount of waste our world produces everyday. Apart from being important, recycling and repurposing can also be fun.


You may have already seen people repurposing many random household items, furniture, old clothes, and other household objects.


There are many things you can find in your home that you can recycle or repurpose, including kitchenware. As a matter of fact, your kitchen may be the best place to look for items you can recycle or repurpose.


Recycling Kitchen Items


  • Old pots, pans, and other cooking utensils made of stainless steel could be sent to a junkyard or a scrap metal shop to be recycled.
  • Old milk cartons, cereal boxes, aluminum foils, and aluminum cans may be recycled as well. You can put them in a separate garbage bag and label them so your local garbage collection team can easily identify them as recyclable.


Repurposing Kitchen Items


  • Old plates and old metallic trays can be turned into wall decorations. Simply find wall mounts where these plates or trays can be safely placed and you can have your own wall gallery.
  • Spoons, forks, and other cutlery items can be transformed into wind chimes.
  • Attach rods to colanders, hang them, place plants inside them and alas! You can have your stylish hanging garden.
  • The cheese grater is a versatile item when it comes to repurposing – it can be made into lamps, pencil holders, and even a jewelry organizer.
  • If you don’t feel like sending your cooking pots to the scrap metal shop, you can turn them into a totally different type of pot – flower pots. Just don’t forget to poke a hole on the bottom part of your cooking pots-turned flower pots to allow water to drain effectively.

Making Money By Recycling


In this day and age, millions of people around the world are already aware of the importance of recycling. Countless individuals together with big companies and organizations are putting efforts into ensuring that we can recycle as much as we can.


Even though we already know how important recycling is to the environment, some of us still aren’t as keen on the idea of recycling, thinking that it is too much work or too much trouble. However, did you know that aside from being beneficial to our planet, recycling can also help you make or save money?


Yes, for example, if you recycle cardboard boxes as an organizer for your folders or other office items, you save money because you don’t have to buy actual organizers from the store.


Another way you can make money from recycling is by sending scrap items, such as metal to junk shops or scrap metal recycling shops. Junk shops offer a set price in exchange for metal items you will give them and the price varies depending on the type of metal: copper, aluminum, and so on. For great pricing and excellent service you can contact http://www.ridofitvancouver.ca 


When it comes to electric or electronic items, you can return them to the stores where you have purchased them if you want them to be recycled. Some of these stores offer some gift cards if you surrender their old products for recycling.


It is not only with old electronics up for recycling you could earn money from. Believe it or not, even with simple recyclable items just like corks, you can earn cash, too. Many do-it-yourself hobbyists are always looking for materials for their new crafting project and are truly willing to pay for old items they can use for their work.


So, all in all, recycling is hitting not just two, but so many birds with one stone – you free up space in your home, you help reduce waste in our landfills, and you get to earn too.


Teaching the Importance of Recycling


We teach the next generation of academics, economics, politics, religion, and many important matters that would mostly have a significant impact on their lives in the future.


Recycling is just as important as the other subjects we teach the younger generation. With the growing waste problem almost every nation faces today, every person should be aware of the importance of recycling so that everyone can get a chance to contribute in their own way.


In order to teach the young ones – even kids – about recycling, we can try some small tasks to show them that recycling is simple enough and doable for everyone.


At home, just designating bins specifically for paper, plastic, food waste, and other waste types can help train the kids to segregate recyclable wastes from non-recyclable ones.


Reusing, repurposing, or recycling of common household items won’t only help your child learn about recycling, they can also be great ways to bond with your kids. Since most repurposing or recycling ideas require craftiness and creativity, you are also improving your child’s art skills.


If you have a garden, you can teach your kids to recycle food waste. Composting can be a big task for children to handle, but you can make them help you out just so they can see the process itself.


Don’t forget that the entire point of recycling is to reduce waste that will end up in landfills; this means that you can also teach your child other ways of reducing waste, such as donating old items. Old toys, old clothes, and old school things are just some of the common things you can donate that your child can relate to. You can bring your child when you are actually donating these items and explain why it is important. You’ll also be teaching your child to be compassionate and caring to others in doing this.


Above all, you have to set an example for your child. Practice recycling and reducing waste as much as you can to instill the importance of recycling to them.

Easy Recycling Ideas to Try at Home


Recycling has become one of the most important contributions we can do to help alleviate the growing problem about waste the world suffers from.


At times, when the term recycling is mentioned, some immediately think about major recycling processes that involve big recycling depots using heavy machinery.


But the truth is, while some items require the help of modern recycling equipment to be re-used, there are some types of wastes we commonly come across with day to day which we can easily recycle. You ca still do your part even without sophisticated recycling equipment.


For an instance, if you have old water bottles, you can clean them and put small holes on their caps so you can turn them into instant water sprinklers to help you water your plants. Aside from water sprinklers, you can also use old plastic bottles as replacement for the traditional clay pots and create your own garden.


Old cardboard boxes can be used to store toys or to organize mail or magazines. If you have kids, you can even turn an old cardboard box into a toy wagon, a handcrafted kitchen set, or a doll house.


With just a little help of your artistic side, old spoons and forks can be turned into wind chimes.


Old pieces of clothing can be turned into many different things such as aprons, bags, blankets or quilts, pillowcases, and so forth.


Tissue roll cartons may be used to organize cords, cables, or even Christmas lights or fairy lights so they don’t get tangled. You may also use them to organize items in your office desk such as pens.


Glass jars can be transformed into containers for various cooking spices and condiments. They may also be used to store small items such as paper clips and buttons.